Montec is consistently focused on health, safety, quality, environmental and energy awareness. We continuously endeavor to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all seafarers and our shore-based employees.

Our commitment is to provide quality ship management with the utmost focus on attention to detail, enabling us to maintain the highest standards for health, safety, quality, environmental and energy responsibility.

To safeguard our crew and eliminate the impact of our business on the environment, our daily operational aim is zero accidents, zero incidents and zero pollution.

We continually identify areas of risk and seek to eliminate them. All our staff have the authority to stop any work that is unsafe, unhealthy or damaging to the environment. We have set benchmarks for all safety & environment related elements and assess performance on regular basis to ensure full compliance.

Montec is committed to managing all its activities with the highest concern for the environment in which it operates.

HSQEEn  Management System

Montec has developed in-house HSQEEn management system, which integrates the requirement of ISM code, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 50001:2018.

Montec policies verbalises our organisation's commitment to the company HSQEEn management system. It is a declaration of our senior management's commitment to the HSQEEn, and serves as the foundation for the management system. Everyone in our organisation is expected to be familiar with and understand our policies.

Our policies are considered when setting HSQEEn management system objectives and targets, and it is understood that the implementation of the management system serves to operationalise the commitments in the policies.

Our policy statements are, therefore, a vehicle for communicating our organisation's aspirations for HSQEEn as well as a functional tool for establishing the operational boundaries of the management system.

Health & Safety policy

Environmental & Energy policy 

Disease control & Hygiene policy 

Quality policy

Drug & Alcohol abuse policy 

Our readily available documentation on soft/hard copy format and document control procedures ensure that we are maintaining information in a manner that would allow someone with a legitimate interest in the Company HSQEEn management system to understand how it is designed and implemented. 

We have tried to consider the views of interested parties (such as contractors, vendors, other regulators, registrars, stakeholders etc) in our Company HSQEEn management system by first making our information readily available on request.

More information available

Interested parties can request required information regarding company HSQEEn management system (such as policies, objectives, targets, environmental aspects etc):  

  • by sending e-mail to info@montecship.com addressing to DPA.
  • by conducting face to face meeting with DPA.


Montec believes that communication is a two-way process, that interested parties can communicate their views and recommendations to our HSQEEn management representative (by sending e-mail to info@montecship.com), and we will respond to these parties.

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